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Health and Manna values stored in similar way. You’ll find them like following pattern within memory:
Current Health/Manna - Health/Manna Regeneration Rate - NULL - Max Health/Manna
They are all float data-type... NULL (0x00000000) equals 0.00 float.

All values but Regeneration Rate can be found with group search. Regeneration Rate is very hard to memorized nor it is hard to calculate (actually, it is not hard if you’re not lazy...). So we’re just gonna put Current Health/Manna, NULL, Max Health/Manna in Group Search find values.

However, before you begin performing Group Search, you have to be very very sure that your hero is at full health/manna. There are times when you read her current health is full (same value as max health), or manna, but in fact it is not the same value within the memory.

So, the best time to apply following Group Search is at very-very early of the game, that is right after you choose your hero...

For this tutorial session, we’ll be using Drow Ranger...

Health and Manna for Traxex:
- Max Health = 473
- Max Manna = 195

The group search would be something like this:

As usual, the search found only 1 address, unless there are other heroes have the same health or manna...

And this is the Hex Editor for Health (Hex Editor for Manna is very similar):

Now you can make MHS table by manually add the addresses from Hex Editor:

Once you have the table, you can make your hero invincible by increasing both Current Health and Max Health as high as you want and freeze them...

Personally, i prefer to modify Regeneration Rate. If you put 10000.00 to both Regeneration Rate, you are virtually frozen your Health and Manna...
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