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Postby WhiteHat » Fri May 02, 2008 10:46 am

Hacking movement speed is a bit tricky... I’ve tried various way to get its address and failed for about a week. That was until i decided to use Nerubian Waver’s skill Shukuchi.

Using Unknown Data-type search followed by Difference From Before and Same as Original Sub-Search, i managed to get a fact when Anub'seran is in Shukuchi mode there would be exactly one address had a value of 11.00 float. And the same address changed to 01.00 float when the Shukuchi mode worn off...

When i studied values arround the address, i found the base movement speed (original speed of Anub'seran without any speed booster item) address just 8 bytes before. The value of this address is static, means that it is not affected by whatever speed booster item put on. So, if you want to know your hero original movement speed, you have to put off all speed booster item before type "-ms" command in DotA...

Based on the Hex Editor view, the inputs for Group Search would be something like this:

Now, with simillar way i maxed out Rhasta movement. And here’s the screen-shot result:

Since Rhasta original movement speed is 275, the values input for group search was: 0 0 275 1 0 0. Then i simply changed the address of value 275.00 with 1000.00.
But, no matter how high you change the speed value, the max speed is limited to 522.

Heroes Base Movement Speed in DotA is a static value. No matter what speed boosting equipment you have, the value remains the same. Thanks to Group Search so we can search the value address in single step...

Can you imagine that you have to search value 275.00 float and sub-search for the same value just to obtain your movement speed address ?.. It’s more likely that the game is over before you find the address...

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