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Dota maps 6.78c, cheats are not allowed

Latest Map: 6.78c
Random Mirror
Language: English
Date: 2013-06-30
MD5: d18b590a5a782f66958e5c843b4dbf79
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Tournament Map: 6.78c
Random Mirror
Language: English
Date: 2013-06-30
MD5: d18b590a5a782f66958e5c843b4dbf79
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dota Tool Kit 3.3c DTK

Usefull tools :)

download Link :

DOTA Heroes


Postby WhiteHat » Fri May 02, 2008 10:48 am
Obtaining attack range address is easy: Use any heroes with ability to alter their attack range.

First time i did this, i used Dwarven Sniper. His Take Aim ability was very helpful since it change Kardel’s attack range gradually..

But, again, we can’t use standard Data-Type Search and Sub-Search for Attack Range since most heroes have static attack range. So, we’re gonna use Group Search.

Before we begin, we have to know how to obtain the value of our attack range. There are two ways in DotA:
- Hovering your mouse pointer to the Attack Icon, below your EXP bar.
- Read the Attack Range value in Heroes brief description before you choose them.
Please note that you can only use the 2nd option to obtain attack range for Melee Heroes...

Now that i found the address of Kardel’s Attack Range. Next thing to do is ALWAYS study the values arround it...

After several trial with various heroes, i managed to make the Group Search pattern base on this hex-editor:

So the Group Search would be like this:

Hero’s Attack Speed and Attack Damage addresses are just a few hundreds bytes before Attack Range address like shown in this Hex Editor:
In above picture:
- Attack Range = 605.00 float (0x44174000)
- Awareness Range = 800.00 float (0x44480000)
- Attack Speed = 1.21 float (0x3F9AE147)
- Attack Damage = 34 Unsigned Long (0x00000022)
I got that values by clicking each address and check the value in Conversions Tab of Helper Window...

Note that for Attack Damage, the value shown in game slightly differ in Hex Editor. However, it is the right address...

Finally, we can make the table regards these attacking things:

I used above method to hack Elazor's Attack Range and Attack Damage, enabled him to destroy scourge tower out-range of the tower itself...
Pay attention to the range from where Elazor destroy the tower (the gold he gained confirm that he is the one who destroy the tower)...

This conclude my tutorial series of Hacking DotA Heroes. There are still lot things to hack though, so we can’t just stop here...

Feel free to ask anything related to this tutorial. I’ll do my best to answer them... Also, feel free to make any corrections should there are any..

I have to apologize for using a lot of pictures due my bad English... I humbly hope that these tutorial would be useful..

Have fun... Peace... :)


Postby WhiteHat » Fri May 02, 2008 10:46 am

Hacking movement speed is a bit tricky... I’ve tried various way to get its address and failed for about a week. That was until i decided to use Nerubian Waver’s skill Shukuchi.

Using Unknown Data-type search followed by Difference From Before and Same as Original Sub-Search, i managed to get a fact when Anub'seran is in Shukuchi mode there would be exactly one address had a value of 11.00 float. And the same address changed to 01.00 float when the Shukuchi mode worn off...

When i studied values arround the address, i found the base movement speed (original speed of Anub'seran without any speed booster item) address just 8 bytes before. The value of this address is static, means that it is not affected by whatever speed booster item put on. So, if you want to know your hero original movement speed, you have to put off all speed booster item before type "-ms" command in DotA...

Based on the Hex Editor view, the inputs for Group Search would be something like this:

Now, with simillar way i maxed out Rhasta movement. And here’s the screen-shot result:

Since Rhasta original movement speed is 275, the values input for group search was: 0 0 275 1 0 0. Then i simply changed the address of value 275.00 with 1000.00.
But, no matter how high you change the speed value, the max speed is limited to 522.

Heroes Base Movement Speed in DotA is a static value. No matter what speed boosting equipment you have, the value remains the same. Thanks to Group Search so we can search the value address in single step...

Can you imagine that you have to search value 275.00 float and sub-search for the same value just to obtain your movement speed address ?.. It’s more likely that the game is over before you find the address...


Postby WhiteHat » Fri May 02, 2008 10:45 am

Health and Manna values stored in similar way. You’ll find them like following pattern within memory:
Current Health/Manna - Health/Manna Regeneration Rate - NULL - Max Health/Manna
They are all float data-type... NULL (0x00000000) equals 0.00 float.

All values but Regeneration Rate can be found with group search. Regeneration Rate is very hard to memorized nor it is hard to calculate (actually, it is not hard if you’re not lazy...). So we’re just gonna put Current Health/Manna, NULL, Max Health/Manna in Group Search find values.

However, before you begin performing Group Search, you have to be very very sure that your hero is at full health/manna. There are times when you read her current health is full (same value as max health), or manna, but in fact it is not the same value within the memory.

So, the best time to apply following Group Search is at very-very early of the game, that is right after you choose your hero...

For this tutorial session, we’ll be using Drow Ranger...

Health and Manna for Traxex:
- Max Health = 473
- Max Manna = 195

The group search would be something like this:

As usual, the search found only 1 address, unless there are other heroes have the same health or manna...

And this is the Hex Editor for Health (Hex Editor for Manna is very similar):

Now you can make MHS table by manually add the addresses from Hex Editor:

Once you have the table, you can make your hero invincible by increasing both Current Health and Max Health as high as you want and freeze them...

Personally, i prefer to modify Regeneration Rate. If you put 10000.00 to both Regeneration Rate, you are virtually frozen your Health and Manna...
.. to boldly go where no eagle has gone before...


Base Stats for Heroes in Warcraft 3 consist of Strength, Agility and Intelligence. They are then affect other stats such as Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Max HP & Manna, HP & Manna regeneration rate, etc. Everytime a hero gains a level, these Base Stats increased by certain constants...

For example:

Hero X has 16 Base STR and 1 STR constant. This means:
- At level 1, Hero X will have 16+(0*1) = 16 STR
- At level 2, Hero X will have 16+(1*1) = 17 STR
- At level 3, Hero X will have 16+(2*1) = 18 STR
- ...
- At level 25, Hero X will have 16+(24*1) = 40 STR

In this tutorial part, we’re going to hack this constants. I’ll just call them Base Stats Addition to make things easier (...please forgive my English).

The first thing we have to do is to know how to obtain these values. This is very easy: Just hover your mouse pointer to the hero icon before you choose her.

In fact, these Base Stats Addition values are stored in the same memory region of EXP address, so i used the same Hex Editor window from previous tutorial. However, since they are floating number, i had changed the Base Option into Float data-type.

Here’s the pic of the address merged with Base Stats Addition info form DotA:

We can see that the addresses of Base Stats Additions are actually only a few bytes after EXP address:
- STR Addition address = EXP address + 0x48
- INT Addition address = EXP address + 0x50
- AGI Addition address = EXP address + 0x58
(don’t swap between INT and AGI tho. Cause in WC3 screen AGI is typed before INT...)

At this point, you can just add these Base Stats Addition addresses into the table. But we’re gonna try to search for Base Stats Additions utilizing Group Search...

There are 2 values which will be ignored, since they keep changing for each DotA session. Please understand that the Red background color of these values has nothing to do with our decision to ignore them. Instead, it shows that MHS suspected these values as Pointers since they are divisible by 4 (modulus operation to these values by 4 will result in 0)... Just, refer to MHS help file about Hex Editor and Pointer...

However, we’re NOT ignoring these 2 values for elements count. Please be careful...

Now, when the Group search executed, there is 99.9999% chance that there would be only 1 result. Those 5 ordered elements of float data-type are pretty much unique (unless there are other heroes with same Base Stats Addition, of course).

The next thing you can do is to add Base Stats Addition values addresses into MHS table (manually through Hex Editor).

Following picture shows you when Shendelzare’s attain some levels after i modified all values of Base Stats Addition to 100.00, without any equipments and without any Hero abilities:

Just focus on Shendelzare’s Base Stats. She’s now definitely far far beyond of Beyond Godlike...
(in case you’re curious, Shendelzare’s max health is 46,054 at level 25)



I really hope you’re now have a slight better knowledge of Group Search, for next tutorials i will discuss it in fast speed (still some pictures tho)...

Coming up next:
- Health & Manna Hacks
- Movement Speed Hacks
- Attack Speed, Attack Range, Attack Damage Hacks

Hacking DotA Heroes: Utilizing Group Search... (pictures)

Postby WhiteHat » Fri May 02, 2008 10:42 am
We’re gonna learn to utilize Hex Editor and Group Search for hacking WarCraft 3 DotA.

Though this tutorial series are for beginners audience, I assume that you already familiar with basic data-type searching and sub-search. I also recommend you to use MHS Help File as reference along with tutorial, especially in Hex Editor and Group Search chapters.

Before we start, allow me to emphasize that studying values around your found addresses is very very important. It is never been a secret that important values often stored in the same region of memory... In my understanding, this caused by something about Data-Structure or Data-Class (please correct me if i’m wrong). The bottom line: Always be suspicious to values around your found addresses !

The version of Warcraft used here is 1.21a (i believe so)... But this should be no problem at all since i’ve been using 2 or 3 different versions... Also, i’m sure that you don’t have to worry about the DotA map version. The hacks should be working on all DotA maps (only slight differences)...

Now, on to the first tutorial...

Hacking EXP

Hacking EXP of DotA heroes is easy. Use a basic Data-Type Search / Sub-Search and Unsigned Long data-type.

Here’s the picture of DotA screen-shot merged with MHS.

Address for Shendelzare’s EXP is 0x0D1C0120. Yours would be different and that’s normal (... google this: DMA, if you wanna know why your address should be different).

The next step is ALWAYS be suspicious for values around found address. The only way to do this is using Hex Editor...
Since EXP value is in Unsigned Long data-type, i changed the Base Option into the same data-type... And as i suspected, there ARE other important values around EXP address, which i’ll show you in the next picture.

Here’s the merged picture of DotA screen-shot and Hex Editor:

You can see that EXP, Ability Points, and Base Strength are stored respectively.. This means we have another option to search EXP: Group Search.

To quote what L. Spiro say in MHS Help file:
Group Searches are used when you know that several values are in the same region of memory, but you don’t know their order, or if you know their order but don’t know their values.

In this case, we know their values, we know their order, and certainly they are in the same region of memory... Again, please refer to MHS help file for more details about Group Search, so you won’t get lost in the next steps of this tutorial...

The next picture shows how to input values in Group Search based on the Hex Editor:
Be sure to check the summary at the bottom part to get a preview of how MHS will perform Group Search...

With those inputs, Group Search found only 1 result. This is very common since there are not many specific values match to the search target which are 3E 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 hex ( or 62, 1, 16 unsigned long).

From Group Search result, we can add those each element separately to the MHS table (we have to do it manually via hex editor). Now we have the table for EXP, Ability Points, and Base Strength (at level 1)...

Now those values are free to modify:
- Boost your exp to get instant max level
- Boost your STR to get a huge Max Health, and more damage for Strength Heroes...
- Boost your Ability Points to get more skills (the level limitation still applied tho.)

The table seems enough for most cases. But in fact, there are more important values around EXP address which i’ll show you in the next tutorial...

Dota Cheats for LAN/Single Game/Garena

-lvlup n-lvlup 25
Levels up your hero
-levelbots n-levelbots 5
Levels up all bots
-gold n-gold 15000
Gives you gold
Resets cooldowns and gives full hp/mana
Respawns your hero
Spawns creeps instantly
Spawns neutrals instantly

Disables lane creep spawning. Use -enablecreepspawn to undo this change.
Sets timer to 0:00, creeps starts.

Gives vision for both teams. Use -normalvision to undo this change.
Kill all creeps.
Destroys all wards.

Removes cooldown, Mana cost etc. Use -unwtf to undo this change.
Displays AI status.
-timescale n

-createhero <unit_name> [enemy]-createhero npc_dota_hero_lion
-createhero npc_dota_hero_lion enemy

Creates specified unit [as enemy]

This command does not really behave the way it should. 
-item <item_name>-item item_blink
Gives specified item
-givebots <item_name>-givebots item_blink
Give all bots the specified item.

List: See above.
Displays ping time with server.

Change to Snow Dota Theme, Download and Install Warcraft Theme Manager

   You got bored with the old Dota map so tried installing Dota Theme Manager.  This application consists of 6 different Dota Themes.

1. Beach Theme
2. Barrens Theme
3. Hell Theme
4. Highlands Theme
5. Snow Theme
6. Synergy Theme

I picked the snow theme and I found it better than the old one after exploring the places.  Before, I thought changing the theme would affect how I see the map but after touring my new Dota map, I was wrong.  I learned that Pro Asian teams also have different Dota Theme.  Here are some pictures of my tour.

Base (click to enlarge)
Sentinel's Forest

Mid Lane
Rune Spot
Scourge's Forest
I'm glad that Scourge is not a dark place anymore.  The only difference between Sentinel and Scourge's area is that Scourge isn't covered with snow.

Top Lane (Near Scourge 1st tower)
Hi Roshan!
Overall, I liked Snow Dota Theme but you might want to try other themes too.  The most commonly used is Beach.

How to Install Dota Theme Manager? (3 steps)

1.  Download it here or
2.  Copy the extracted Folder on your warcraft folder.

Warcraft Folder

3.  Run DTMV4.exe and choose your desired theme.

If you want to return back to your original Warcraft theme, just click restore.  Enjoy your fresh Dota Map

hbm Garena Auto-Joiner aka Dota Auto Joiner

hbm Auto-Joiner 5.2
Unstable: 5.3 Beta 2 


hbm Garena Auto-Joiner is a utility tool for Garena which has some main features such as Auto Join (Auto Click), Auto Tunnel, Warcraft Hotkeys and Auto Open

Auto Join: Automatically joins Garena rooms without waiting 5 seconds. You can minimize Garena and do your works.
Auto Tunnel: Automatically tunnel all of players in your room while you are playing game or doing other tasks.
Warcraft Hotkey: Customize your Warcraft skill and item hotkeys.
Auto Detect: Automatically detects Garena offsets so Auto-Joiner can patch all Garena version.
Auto Open: Automatically opens other apps with Auto-Joiner (up to 6 programs).

Sunday, February 10, 2013

DotA v6.77En AI 1.1.7.w3x

DotA 6.77 AI unofficial version map download. Supports the latest v6.77 map, translated to English.
Description: DotA 6.77 AI EN v1.1.7 Test modified by Ciel.
Filesize: 7.92MB
Release date: 2012-12-22
Language: English
For Warcraft 3 TFT v1.24e & v1.26a

Dota All Star Cheat Codes

Dota Allstars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

TenthLevelTaurenChieftain - Plays a special song
                            (WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne ONLY)
WarpTen                   - Speeds construction of buildings and units
IocainePowder             - Fast Death/Decay
WhosYourDaddy             - God mode
KeyserSoze [amount]       - Gives you X Gold
LeafitToMe [amount]       - Gives you X Lumber
GreedIsGood [amount]      - Gives you X Gold and Lumber
PointBreak                - Removes food limit
ThereIsNoSpoon            - Unlimited Mana
TheDudeAbides             - Fast spell cooldown
StrengthAndHonor          - No defeat
ItVexesMe                 - No victory
Motherland [race] [level] - level jump
SomebodySetUpUsTheBomb    - Instant defeat
AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs  - Instant victory
WhoIsJohnGalt             - Enable research
SharpAndShiny             - Research upgrades
IseeDeadPeople            - Remove fog of war
Synergy                   - Disable tech tree requirements
RiseAndShine              - Set time of day to dawn
LightsOut                 - Set time of day to dusk
DayLightSavings [time]    - If a time is specified, time of day is
                            set to that, otherwise time of day is 
                            alternately halted/resumed

Hints for Kardel Sharpeye:
Kardel is one of the easiest heroes to control in the game.But you can
turn him into one of the strongest heroes you have ever seen. Kardel is
an AGI type hero so what he needs are agility items. He has low life so 
he is considered "soft" so you need to make him "harder".He is also ranged
and has a slow attacked speed so he needs items to increase attack speed 
and his over all speed.Here are the items that Kardel needs to improve 

1. Quarter staff-he really needs this thing!
2. Boots of Speed-he is so damn slow!
3. Boots of Travel-composed of Boots of speed-if you have enough money buy
   this thing so that he can teleport himself.
4. Helm of Dominator-comprised of Mask of Death and Helm of Iron will-this 
   will give him life steal and the ability to control creeps.
5. Butterfly-comprised of Eagle Horn,Quarter Staff(that's why you really 
   need it), and the Butterfly itself-if you want to,double this thing so 
   that you have a 60% chance of dodging attacks and it increases your hit
   points too. 
6. Power Treads-Keep clicking it to add up to your hit points or your life.
7. Bracer-composed of Gauntlets of Strength and circlet of nobilty-probably
   one of the most important stuff that you need on Kardel.This thing gives
   Kardel the toughness that he needs.

Tips for Jah'rakal:
Level tips: Take only Jah'rakal's third and first skill when you're at the 
starting level of 1-5. Take the last skill when you reach level 6. DO NOT take
Jah'rakal's second skill unless you've already maxed-out your 1st, 3rd, last 
skill and your stats.

Note: Try "Harassment" meaning; simply killing/scaring or putting your enemy
Hero to near-death from the start and not letting him/her level up, this would 
guarantee you a sure win in your 1 on 1 Battle.

Item tips: At your starting level. Try get 3 "Wraith Bands", a "Boots of
Speed or Power Treads (Green= Agility)", a "Ring of Basilius (you may choose
Helm of the Dominator or Mask of Death if you're trying to save-up gold)", and a
"Teleportation Scroll (or 2 Healing Salves instead)". If you have achieved a
high level (level 6 or so). Try saving-up gold for the following items: "Sange and
Yasha", "Buriza do Kyanon", "Satanic", "The Butterfly",
a "Cranium Basher (you may replace this instead with the Black King Bar)", and
the "Eye of Skadi" (you may replace this with the Stygian Desolator or Lothar's

A Lot of Gold:
Press the Space bar the type "-test" and after that type again "-Gold 999999999" 
Eigth 9s because it says on description it was only 4 but if you double it (8) 
That's how you get a lot of money!

Dota Hotkey

Dota o Ako?

Dota Latest Map: 6.77b